How to Host the Perfect Social Impact Oscar Party
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After a less-than-stellar track record (a-hem) on diversity and social justice in previous years, this year’s Academy Awards are coming on strong. The powerhouse films this year tackle a broad range of issues including racism, sexism, xenophobia, refugees, LGBTQIA youth, elder isolation, the environment, mass incarceration and the impact of war. Some of them address these issues with a light touch and warm fuzzies, and some pull no punches.

Many of these movies rocked our world and made us want actually DO something to honor filmmakers and, most importantly, the people and communities whose stories were told. We figure you might feel the same way. So whether you’ve seen all of the films or just one or two of them, and whether you’re watching with one friend or fifty friends, here’s our 5-step guide to hosting the perfect social impact Oscar night.

1) Pre-Party: Give Your Guests a Heads Up
Let your guests know ahead of time there’s going to be a social impact component to your Oscar night party. Here’s a sentence you might want to add to your guest reminder email:

“This year we’re hosting a Social Impact Oscar party inspired by #MY100DayPlans, so we’ll be giving from the betting pool to charities working on social issues in the films. Have a look at the special ballot we’ll be using and feel free to check out both the films AND the charities ahead of time:  Download Ballot MY100DayPlans Social Impact Oscar ballot.”

2) On the Big Night: Pick Your Movies & Your Causes
Before the ceremony kicks off, give guests their printed Download Ballot MY100DayPlans Social Impact Oscar ballot so they can pick their winning films AND pick a charitable cause from our recommended “nonprofit nominees”:

Bonus Game: Throughout the night from red carpet coverage to the last award, keep track of the nominees and announcers making speeches that pack a social impact punch. Instead of “Who wore it best?” tweet out your vote for “Who said it best?” to #MY100DayPlans.

3) Donation Pool
Everyone who gets a ballot should put some money in the pool. Host should announce how much of the pool will go to charity — if you have an especially philanthropic crowd, go for 100%! If you want to mix it up, go for a 50/50 split (half to the winner, half to the winning charity).

4) Trade Ballots
After filling out the ballot and making film and charity selections, everyone should trade ballots with someone else at the party who will keep track of their score throughout the night.

5) Announce the winners!
At the end of award ceremony, announce which guest won and which charity they chose on their ballot – that organization will receive the donation from your Oscar party! The host will take whatever cash is going to charity and make the donation. Consider making the donation in honor of the winner, the Oscar nominee related to the organization’s mission, or even MY100DayPlans.

Send us a note on Twitter or Facebook to share which organizations won your social impact Oscar night (and if you want, go ahead and say how much you’re donating — every dollar makes a difference). We’d love to see pictures from your #MY100DayPlans social impact Oscar party too!

Regardless of who wins or loses on the red carpet, thank you for playing along with #MY100DayPlans to make sure that incredible charities working tirelessly on the front lines will have a big win on Oscar night.


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We note we intend this event to be a charitable, nonpartisan event, open and welcome to all who will be watching and hosting an Oscars party.

We are not in any way connected to or endorsed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, or any related entities, or any broadcast entities involved in a telecast of the ceremony.

Updated press release available here: MY100DayPlans Social Impact Oscar Night Press Release