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Trump has his 100 day plan. Here is ours.

On January 20th, a new President who lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes entered the White House armed with a “100 Day Plan” for his first days in office. That plan has inspired fear, anxiety, and anger in a majority of Americans of all backgrounds, colors, and creeds.

What can YOU do about it? Join the MY 100 Day Plans civic action campaign to take an action-a-day for 100 Days to directly counteract Trump’s first 100 days. Think of MY 100 Day Plans like your quick, doable daily civic act to take a stand for democracy. It functions as a “campaign of campaigns.” It promotes and connects the best & most effective actions and organizations that are doing great work all over the country and in all communities.

We are centering this campaign around what we call “the 3 R’s” – Resist, Rebuild and Recharge. We seek actions and organizations that will help you:

– Resist the politics of fear, greed, xenophobia and authoritarianism.
– Rebuild threatened Democratic institutions and damaged relationships between family members and communities.
– Recharge your mind, body and spirit to stay grounded and refueled for the long haul.

Thank you for your energy, passion and effort. Together we can inspire new levels of civic engagement for all who are committed to a strong, thriving, and inclusive American democracy.



We are a small team, but we are America.

We are an all-volunteer team from the sectors of nonprofit, business, media, activism and academia. We are not backed by any one organization or company. We are undertaking this effort independently and in our free time because we love what this country stands for when it lives up to its highest promise and aspirations. Our future is up to us.

We come from all over the US. Collectively we have roots in urban and rural America, coastal and Midwestern, Democrat and Republican, as well as poor, middle-class and wealthy. Some of our team members have family histories stretching back to the Mayflower with many generations of public and military service, and some have families who moved to the US to pursue the American dream just a generation ago. We are of all different colors and creeds.

We are a small team, but we are America.

We believe that concern for the well being of our Democracy cuts across class, race, gender, political party affiliation, nationality and citizenship. We believe in healing the divide, and we believe in standing for what is good, fair and best in all of our hearts.

We believe in we the people, and we believe in you. We look forward to sharing OUR 100 day plans, and hearing yours!

Ready? Set. ACTION!


Please feel free to contact us at or tweet to us @my100dayplans. We will do our best to respond.

If you have an action that you would like us to use please click on the link below and let us know what your idea is.